5 Powerful Graphic Design Trends for 2017

The graphic design world is booming rapidly over the years and 2017 is unlikely to be any different. The Department of Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) recently made an exciting statement that the creative industries, in particular design and fashion, out-performed the UK economy as a whole. To put in better perspective, it proclaimed the design sector in UK to be the largest in Europe.

You are a graphics designer reading this, what must be going through your mind is, ‘how do I get a slice of this big cake? The obvious answer to that is also a question, ‘how do I stay relevant in graphic design in 2017?!

So what are those trends expected the shut down the graphics design world in 2017? Below are 5 powerful ones:


Going by current trends, 2017 will be a year of going back to the basics. The classic designs of the yester years, talking about the ‘80s and ‘90s are likely to resurface. But they wont be in just their retro forms. To make them appealing, the have to be tweaked and modernized. An example is picking those classic product labels of the ‘80s and recreating them. This will bring back the frenzies of those years in new age packaging. It have proven a winning move in the music industry, and will be a big thing in the design industry in 2017

  1. Hand- Drawn Graphics:

The world yearns more and more for the natural, and authentic. Hand drawn graphics were thought to be too simplistic and unprofessional but currently the demand for them is on a high. This new appreciation for hand drawn designs might not be unconnected to their stand out value. You see them popping up in tv commercials, magazines. Even Dropbox has taken up that identity, using hand drawn graphics to brand their products. As a designer you should immediately look for ways to adopt this trending form of graphic design.

  1. GIFs:

Everyone loves GIFs! The Graphic Interchange Format has become an integral part of graphic design since their creation in 1994. They have proven useful passing better and deeper messages than still, stock images. They do not require any major software and have quite a small size. Their universal acceptance will continue to increase in 2017, and sooner or later, we should expect GIF to be a dictionary word. Learn how to design GIF images today.



  1. The Big Flashy:

Bold fonts in bright colors will be a major thing in 2017. More designs will feature big bold fonts, which will make wordings more easily read. This is very important to capture attention considering the large amount of materials the average internet user reads daily. Bright flashy colors will give your designs instant attention and more likely to draw your readers or viewers.

  1. The Social Media age:

We are in the social media age and the social media space is a rapidly expanding one, with diverse platforms for integrating or displaying graphic designs. Snapchat, instagram, twitter, pinterest and messaging apps all have graphic designs either as an integral part or in their showcase. The successful designer in 2017 will be one who thinks up design interphases for these apps or is able to design materials targeted for viral social media use.

Conclusively, 2017 will be an exciting year for graphic design world, adopting this trends will certainly stand you out this year.


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