7 Things I Must Know As An Online Marketing Guru In 2017

Marketing is an act of persuasion on products or services, it also involves the buying and selling of these products and services. Marketing has been in existence since time immemorial and cannot be dated back to a particular time.

Marketing is hinged on communication and over the years it has evolved from the traditional marketing of personal face-to-face style, and has metamorphosed into a the different types of marketing styles that you have come to know today, online marketing being one of them.

You would agree that the internet has made marketing a globally recognized trend and has further opened the eyes of many to the ways of online marketing.  As a branch of online marketing tools, the social media has contributed to the world of marketing, the likes of facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter and other sister social media applications have made marketing more widespread and globally acceptable.

Many people have optimized the opportunity that the online marketing has given them and created a profile for themselves through this form of marketing. They are known as online marketing gurus. So far as the internet and marketing is concerned, they have carved a niche for themselves. They interact with customers online, transact businesses online, and use their large followers as a viable market for their products.


Seth Gordin, a renowned blogger and author of several marketing books, is also an online marketing guru. His tweets get over a thousand retweets and shares. He is one of the lead marketing gurus on the internet. There are more marketers who have made names for themselves through online marketing.

For you to be a successful online marketing guru in 2017 there are few things you must know and put into practice. Here is a list of the 7 things that we think you must know to help you become an online marketing guru;


1              Be social

Social media integration is an essential tool in today’s online marketing. You have to be conversant with the different social media platforms and actively participate on most of them, if not all. Identify with your potential customers, know them and let them know you. It is important that people know your various social media handles, the official ones. Let your business be on facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and the likes.

If your business is out there on most social media platforms, then driving traffic to it would become easier. If you cannot handle it, hire someone to handle social media for you, until you are able to do so yourself.

You should be very interactive too, your customers should be able to reach you and get replies as soon as possible. People get discouraged when they do not get replied after making an enquiry about a product or service; this may be bad for your online business reputation.

  1. Content Marketing

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”

An online marketer should understand that it is the content of a product or service that is being marketed and not the brand. This means that what you are marketing should be rich in content as that I what you are selling.

The content you are pushing into the social space should be something that one can derive from, focus more on the product and make sure it is sellable to your customers. Let your product create desire in people who see it, let it be able to sell itself.

Content marketing goes farther than product packaging; it has to do with what a customer can derive from your product, what is the end result of this product you are showing to them.

Visual content is key. With visuals one would be able to build an emotional connection with your customers. Use Youtube, post videos of your products, educate the viewers, ask them to like your videos. With your exposure to the social media, you can share the details of your video on your other social media accounts. Do this and watch your video trend!

You should know that online marketing is still a form of “marketing,” the old rule of “what does your product have to offer” still applies. Make your product so desirable that it will market itself and will not lack buyers. Make useful content the core of your marketing.

  1. Partnership should be formed

On internet, nobody can do it all. A symbiotic relationship is needed for your business to grow, partnership is the solution! You cannot cover all the aspects of social media. You cannot be on all platforms and equally participate on all.

You need people who have the same goal as you, interact with them, you may reach a conclusion and decide to always share their adverts and they also do same to yours. Doing this is also a form of partnership and it will expand your reach. The social media is a wide global sphere that one person cannot cover completely.

You may decide to go into partnership with more than one person, even better! The more the partners, the wider your reach. This is symbiotic relationship that works well. There are different types of partnerships that may interest you, check out the one that best suits your type of business and do it. In the end it is a win-win for all partners.

  1. Mobile marketing

It is important that your business is visible through mobile search. Ensure that you have a functional website for your business and it is responsive. Your business has to be mobile in all aspects. You should be aware of what the people want to know from you about your businesses and let the answers be readily available to them when they search.

When consumers are able to see your product and it appeals to them, they will want to buy. It is more convenient buying online these days. It is easier and less stressful. Consumers like to order a product from their comfort zone. Make online payment available for your products on your website. Consumers can be discouraged if directed to pay on other platforms, it may look awkward to them.

You can also develop a mobile application for your business. Doing this, customers will not need to search for details of your business via a search engine. Making an order is easier this way. Most online marketers have adopted this option recently.

A mobile application increases the ways in which you connect with your audience. Having one is a norm now.


  1. Never underestimate competition

Competition should not be seen as negativity. All competitors should be acknowledged, there are no big or small competitors. Do not underestimate any other online marketer and do not be intimidated by fellow competitor.

Competition is good, it keeps you on your feet and it makes you better. You can look at your competitor’s mistake, capitalize on it and be better than them. This can help you get more followers and customers.

As a marketer, you should never respond to your competitor’s negative adverts, it gives them more credibility. Although, you should never estimate them, their negative comments can also make your customers see you in a different light.

Negative adverts or publicity can make or mar your business, you should be ready to get better and prove any negative comment, wrong. Be ready to defend yourself or attack in a subtle way.

  1. Structural shifts

Lenovo’s Roman sees an evolution towards a business that is organized around consumer groups rather than products.

“We change all the time. The move [is] from thinking about ourselves in terms of our products and what they do, to really thinking about ourselves in terms of our users, and what they do with our products,” he said.

With the way marketing has been going through transformation, you can bet that your products have to revolve around a customer’s interest. Soon, the customers may be the ones determining what products to sell to them.

Digital marketing will continue to evolve, and online marketers will have to be on their feet and move with the evolution. No one should be left behind. Online marketers have to be chief transformation officers and chief digital officers so as to relate with customers the right way.

  1. The importance of data analytic

Every online marketer should realize that data analytic is important. This can be used to understand what your audience is attracted to. When you understand their interests then you can use it to drive traffic to your page.

When you can segment data based on customer interests, you will be able to profile your customers. Data analytic helps you to drive your business online, it gives you a focus.

Meanwhile, a new app citizenme lets people exchange their information for cash, and U.K. start-up People.io is working with tech incubator Wayra in Germany to “dynamically license their data and attention to brands,” in exchange for products and subscriptions.

Online marketers should realize that information is highly valuable to brands. You should give out your company’s relevant data to the public so as to be able to target the right people at the right time.


Marketing trends will come and go, but to capitalize on growth, you must stay current.  The Mobile world will continue to expand, so be sure your business is well supported and know that managing a digital marketing business is a big change.








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