4 Awesome WordPress Portfolio Theme for Your Law Firm

When it comes to choosing the right theme for your WordPress website, many people get confused and others choose the wrong theme that does not fit their business portfolio.

In choosing the right theme, one has to consider a lot of factors which includes the kind of business you are into. For the purpose of your review, our focus will be on the best themes for a law firm.

While you can easily use any portfolio theme, these themes are designed with tools that will make it easier for your law firm. You can also use these themes for other purposes. Having said that, there is no need to wait anymore- lets hit on our review.

  1. WP Advocate By WP Dev Shed


The WP Advocate is one of the best portfolio theme for a law firm. Despite the size of your business, Advocate has the capacity to contain all your needed content.

When it comes to functionality, Advocate is a completely amazing and impressively thoroughly coded, theme- with highly functional, modern, fluidly dynamic, energetic and bright, colourful and creative, features. Responsive enough to serve as a multiplatform, cross browser easy to use theme. (Please forgive me for sounding this way, it’s really worth it).

It allows you to easily upload your own logo and change the background images from over 10 different free to use high quality photos. You can also decide to use your own HQ images.

Advocate also has a dedicated home page template which allows you to easily add image slides in the background, powered by a native WordPress gallery.

It also comes with an optional plugin which you can use to add post type for staff profiles. When used with the profile templates, it makes it easy to profile the most important part of your business, the people.

  1. EightLaw Lite By 8Degree Themes

8Degree Theme is known for making one of the most standard WordPress themes that fit any portfolio. With the EightLaw Lite, you don’t need to pay any money to get your site set up.

EightLaw Lite is a completely clean, minimalist, modern theme, suitable for lawyers, law firms and agencies, private attorneys, business consultation, blogging or personal websites.

For the price of it, freedom (that’s what WordPress is all about anyway) EightLaw Lite is bundled with a rich WordPress law firm template.

It also has full-screen sliders, it allows you to add multiple sidebar, has a team section layouts: grid or list; and a testimonial section layout.

If you want to share some photos of your best clients, it has, media gallery in carousel slider, contact forms, CTA, social media icons and everything you need, for free.

  1. WP Jurist By WP Dev Shed

The WP Jurist is another responsive theme that is specially designed for law firms. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it for other professional services.

Like every other themes by Dev Shed, Jurist is simple to use, yet it gives you a bold and simple usual style.

Jurist also has an optional People Profiles plugin which adds the ‘People’ custom post type.

It makes life much easier by adding some profiles page template to present a beautiful looking staff profiles page.

  1. Lawyer Landing Page By Rara Theme

Finally on our list is Lawyer Landing Page WordPress theme. This simple but easy to use theme adds the extra-ordinary and unique look to your business landing page.

This theme comes with many features to make your site a user-friendly, interactive and visually stunning website.

It also comes loaded with custom menus, attractive banners with contact forms, an About section, a Service section, ions, a testimonial sections, Team Sections, FAQ Sections, Banner with Call to Action Buttons (CTA), and social media.

The theme is designed with engaging your visitors in mind and with an SEO friendly coding which makes it easy for your site to rank on Google and other search engines.


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