4 Mistakes people are still making when picking a domain name

A domain name is essential to securing a good future of any online enterprise. This is because a domain name is equivalent to an enterprise’s brand. Once a brand is not marketable, an enterprise might have problems communicating who they are and what they stand for to the rest of the world.

Lots of write-ups have been made concerning how to pick the right domain name. And even with the assistance of businesses like Free Parking Domain, who help with domain name registration, and others who help with domain name creation, people are still prone to making mistakes that lead to creating ineffective domain names.

To get the best out of your domain name, you need to avoid making the following typical mistakes.

  1. Name too long and complicated

Having an excessively long worded domain name is of no use to anyone, especially you. This is because a long worded domain name is bound to be complicated, and can cause users to frequently type in the wrong URL address. This will lead to them getting frustrated and giving up on trying to access your site, or even worse, will turn to a competing site.

Excessive length is not the only way to unnecessarily complicate a domain name. Having a name with unneeded symbols or numbers can also lead to confusion when trying to access your site. The best domain names are those that are short and punchy, or at least easily comprehensible. Next time you are trying to come up with a domain name, aim for simplicity rather than complexity.

        2.Name too similar to an existing one

Making this mistake is simply you setting yourself up for a tedious and probably expensive lawsuit. This mistake is often made with the goal of taking advantage of people’s familiarity with an existing name, but many fail to remember that the owner of the existing popular domain name isn’t looking for competition, and will not hesitate to take down anyone trying to leverage their popularity. In certain circumstances, the name doesn’t even have to be all that similar before you hear from a lawyer. For example, if your newly created domain name is Guuggoo, do not be surprised to hear from Google not long after your site goes live.

Another disadvantage of imitating a popular domain is that you stand the risk of not being taken seriously by users, and will view your site as nothing more than a knock-off. This is more likely if your services are also an imitation of the services of the original name holder.

        3. Wrong choice of extension

Extensions are the .com, .co.nz, and others at the end of your web address, and they are almost as important as the name itself. Going for unpopular extensions such as .pizza, or .xyz simply because of their novelty is not a good idea, because people haven’t generally come to trust such extensions. Wherever possible, you are better off sticking with .com. This is because .com is universally popular and most internet surfers are prone to reflexively type it in, so avoid confusing your visitors and stick with only recognisable extensions.

         4. Trying to be witty

There’s nothing wrong with trying to be cute or witty with your name, but there is something wrong when you end up with results that have people smirking for the wrong reasons. In your attempt to be original, be sure to look at your name from all angles and make sure its message cannot be mistaken for anything inappropriate. The error of trying to be novel is clearly what led to these mistakes: Therapistfinder.com, Penisland.net, Dicksonweb.com, Masterbaitonline.com.

Yes, a domain name is supposed to be catchy, but you wouldn’t want your domain name attracting the wrong attention like the above ones.

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