7 Ways to Make Your Online Business Stand Out in 2017

As you look to position your online business for growth and better profits this year, here are essential things to do to be on the path of success and your corporate vision.

  1. Keep pace with new technology

With technology advancing at the speed of light, you could be struggling to catch up if you don’t keep pace with trends and industry developments as a digital business CEO. In many industries and niches, a lot of things could change within a short time and could mean you could suddenly become outdated or less effective than the competition.

So, you need to always be on the constant updates on existing technology in your market. With increased digitisation and more access to information and their consumerism instincts, your customers are more likely to seek information on the latest developments. If you don’t keep up with them as a CEO or marketer, you may be overlooked for the next competition.

2. Customise your web design  

There are thousands of great looking templates to download on the internet and use for your website, but sooner than later you will come across a website that has an uncanny similarity with yours. That makes you less unique and outstanding.

To enhance your distinction and brand appeal in the marketplace, it’s advisable to invest in developing a bespoke website that is both aesthetically pleasing and has great user experience.  Free Parking is just one of the providers of quality website builders that can allow you to create a unique web presence. You can get started here www.freeparking.co.nz/website-builder/.

3. Build a solid brand identity

In business, it is important to define your brand personality and work towards clearly creating that image in the minds of your target audience.  

According to Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, branding is what people say about you when you’re not present.

So, what do present, past and prospective customers say about your business and products, different from what you say about yourself and your brand in adverts? What kind of brand identity do you communicate, consciously or subconsciously?

However, creating the desired brand personality is a highly professional work that should be left for an expert and experienced copywriting and reputation management agency. With hundreds of highly successful branding campaigns for different top global brands using a variety of expertly crafted and widely distributed copywriting services, a reputable writing company can become a reliable business partner for the long haul.

4. Get active on social media

You certainly are not just becoming aware of the importance of the social media. It’s one of the most effective yet cheapest marketing and branding tool available to businesses today, with great potentials to boost your brand awareness, connect more with your audience and drive traffic to your site.

Of course, you know of all these immense advantages, but to what degree have you explored and exploited it? Have you taped into the powers and influence of Facebook and Twitter with your business?

5. Become an industry resource centre

Customers are always seeking for solutions or answers to their problems. To stand out from the crowd of the competition, you must show you’re competent to satisfy these needs, not just with physical products but also relevant, useful information.

You need to develop an integrated contents marketing strategy that makes your business website, blog, social media handle and all other expressions of your online presence a resource hub for your target market. This will in turn boost your SERP ranking and organic traffic flow to your site.

6. Take more risks

Think about that innovative business idea that occupied your thought or that someone suggested to you, but you’ve been scared to try it because… well, because no one has tried it before. So, you play safe and continue with the normal, old pattern of doing things and get the normal results as you’ve getting previously.

In business, getting to the next level is mostly about taking risks; and boldness has a way for rewarding the taker.

Whether it’s an untested marketing strategy that sounds and looks exciting, or a blog post that could cause a stir and has viral potentials, or a new logo that’s unconventional, it’s perfectly fine to experiment and see what works for your business.

It’s okay to flow with the rules and standards of the industry, but for less important parts of your business, it’s safe to try something new occasionally.

  1. Improve customer service

Regardless of whether your business is a service company or not, or whether it has a already good score on customer care or not, now is the time to show your customers they’re king and treat them like royalty.

An important fact most businesses overlook is that customers place emphasis on the way they’re treated a lot more than previously thought and make inferences.  In fact, one survey shows that 75% of customers assess the competence of a business based on their customer service.

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