Search Engine Optimization and How it Affects Your Business

Every business owner with an online presence wants to be ranked up on the first page of Google, the largest search engine in the world.  Most online searchers don’t go beyond the first page, because they didn’t get what they searched for, or need more content, causing them to move to the second and third pages. To get your site among the first displayed pages, which will increase your visitors, you will need a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your webpage or blog. Having good optimization increases traffic on your webpage, which later turn to sales, depending on your landing page and other factors.
Let’s get right to the point: as a business owner, your online presence should stand out. Below are reasons why you need to pay more attention to whoever is handling your webpage maintenance, as the focus is not just about being online but about getting visitors and turning them into clients.
  1. Higher ranking in local searches leads to higher sales
Your business address creates local search compatibility, so optimizing your site for local search availability is crucial.
Many visitors use Google to find directions and sites of businesses in their local area before actually visiting the store. Google reported that over 50% of people who searched for a store or web address locally either visited the store the same day or a few days afterwards, boosting sales. Having your site optimized means your business sits on the first page of Google, which turns local searchers into visiting clients.
  1. Domain Assistance
As part of the first steps of getting online, you need a domain name and cheap website hosting, which sites such as Domains4less offer. Getting a domain name is very easy, as you can create it from your vision or mission, or just around what your business is about. However, it may no longer be about what you personally prefer, because specific keywords should be part of the domain name of your business.
 Matt Cutt of Google says the age of a domain sometimes affects its ranking on Google search. This means that your new website may get everything right, but an older site with the right keywords will rank higher than yours. So how do you combat this disadvantage? The simple answer is to get a SEO expert to help optimize your site alongside the use of creative keywords. This enables your site to appear on Google’s first page, depending on the search instruction it receives. Another way to reduce the effect of the age factor is to submit your website sitemaps to Google for indexing, by searching for ‘Google Webmaster Tools’, and Saurabh Sharma of Blue Fountain E Solutions concurs with this.
  1. SEO gives brand credibility
Research shows that almost 80% of further clicks are done on the first page. This means that there are no two ways about it: to remain on the first page, you need your site properly optimized.
When you rank first on Google, it signifies to searchers that you are top-notch in your industry. Being on the 2nd or 3rd page will most likely lead the user to assume that you are not good enough to boost your ranking to appear on the first page, or you are not active enough to be noticed by Google, another deterring factor. SEO shoots you to that first page and creates a positive assumption in the mind of visitors in need of your services.
  1. SEO optimized /continuous content posting
To continuously stay highly ranked without SEO is to keep publishing content on your page, adding content continuously for your social media followers. However, the good news is that SEO takes care of the work for you. If your site is search engine optimized you don’t need to keep churning out content every now and then, and all you need to do is relax and watch your network of clients grow.
  1. SEO is an investment
The use of SEO gives you a massive return on investment which cannot be compared to the amount paid to a company or an individual for the optimization. Understanding this is essential in parting with the cost implication of hiring an SEO. Because of the great benefits of SEO to businesses, it has been compared to investing in real estate. The amount of returns that follow cannot be quantified, and it’s a recurring result which continues.
  1. SEO is a ‘must have’ for digital marketing purposes
SEO helps you get the clients you deserve. It also helps in converting visitors to clients. Including your webpage link in your social media posts, e-mail marketing, and bulk text messages will yield more positive results when prospective clients see that there are positive reviews on your products and services from previous clients. SEO must be utilized if you want better results from your digital marketing activities.
I hope the tips above have persuaded you to think or rethink about the importance of SEO to your business. If you are not getting enough enquiries from your online platform, the answer may be to get an SEO expert. The good news is that as soon as work starts in this area, you will notice a difference within a very short time. You can then take control of how your products and/or services reach out to the world, and I can assure you that consistency with this will get you higher levels of profitability and success.

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