4 Smart Ways to Increase Your Email Subscribers List by Anik Singal

The e-mail is widely known as one of the most effective means of business communication. Provided you do it right, email marketing is one of the reliable ways to get traffic and to make contact with potential customers and promote your business messages.

But while some people seek new ways to enhance their email marketing campaigns, they notice their current lists continues to dwindle. In fact,a study shows that email marketing databases reduce by 22.5% each year. So how can new businesses and clients grow their current email listings?

Anik Singal, digital marketing evangelist, who has written and developed successful strategies for businesses, has shared 4 smart ways to do this. What’s more, you won’t have to spend a dime.

The following techniques will help grow your email subscriber base.

Create valuable content

You won’t have to worry if the content is good in the first place. The only way to effect growth strategies is to have something valuable. It’s no use wasting effort on a campaign that is poorly executed or has no real use for its intended recipients. For example, you wouldn’t send a promotion for baby buggies to a 20-year old happy-go-lucky bachelor.

Similarly, understand your customers and target them with something valuable to them. Do they have problems with their expenses? Perhaps a piece on how to save money shopping online can help. In some cases, content on how trending news may affect people proves useful. Make subscribers look forward to your newsletters.

Encourage your subscribers to advocate your emails

The success of any campaign is driven by the number of people who see it. If your post ends up in an email read but not shared, it is useless. Especially if the recipient does nothing about it. You want more people to see your message, so ask your subscribers to share it. This is why value matters; people will only share something worthy of sharing.

Using effective call to action, urge them to promote your message across various social media platforms. Include social share buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, depending on the context of the content. If it is a video, a YouTube share icon will be most effective. The more people see your campaign, the more likely they are to subscribe to your email.

Segment your listings

This is essential, especially if your customers are diverse. If your brand caters mainly to women, you will likely have younger millennial customers, single professional career women and older, stay-at-home moms. Depending on the diversity, you will be better off segmenting lists for each group of customers, so you can make your messages more targeted.

Targeted messages, as opposed to one type-fits-all, are more specific and likely to generate expected outcome. For example, content on dating tips will matter more to a single woman than a married mom of two. And vice versa for content about “oral hygiene for your kids”. Segmenting your listings will hit the right mark and keep subscribers loyal.

Be business courteous

The importance of Ps and Qs have always been emphasised in everyday life. It is no different in business. Each time a customer completes a sale or uses your service, endeavour to send a Thank you” email. You may automate it, but make it personalised to their name and purchase.

Appreciation mails go a long way in increasing customers’ attraction to your brand and repeating purchase. They will also be willing to give recommendations to family and friends.

There are more strategies that require creativity and intuition. But these tips from Anik Singal are a good place to start.

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