5 Essential Ingredients of a landing page that converts

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Your site appears to be having a lot of visitors, but for some reason, these visits don’t convert into sales for your business. You might conclude hastily that your marketing strategy is not effective, but chances are your website or product landing page doesn’t have what it takes to converts visitors into leads and customers.

The internet is getting more competitive everyday with thousands of websites and businesses offering similar products and services. It has become even more imperative that your product landing page is strong enough to convert a visitor into a certain buy.  If you want to increase your conversion rate, then your landing pages has to carry elements and convey information needed to convert.

Your landing page should carry the following 5 essential ingredients if you want to see your conversion rate pick up.

  1. Killer Headlines

Your headline is your unique selling proposition. This is where everything begins. This is the first step to capturing your visitors as it is literally the first thing they would see once they hit your website.

Your headline should be strong enough to attract your visitor’s attention and catchy enough to make them want to read further. It should be able to inform your visitors what your product or service is all about. If you can find an image to complement it, then you are on the right track. One way to get a killer headline is to experiment with the different benefits your product or service offers. For instance, if you sell healthy food and drinks, then your headline could look like this:

“Yoga pants never looked this good”

And then a persuasive subheading underneath.

This landing page for a health and fitness website emphasizes the problem that the products and services solve and the readers will immediately know what they stand to gain.

  1. Focus on the need

This can be pain points or pleasure point. Will your product help your visitors avoid a particular misery, or help them experience certain advantages? Some products are better described by how they would make the customer feel after purchase. Find out what creates the demand for your product, whether the need to avoid certain complications, the complications that could arise as a result of not using the product or the advantage the customer has to gain from using the product. Once you determine what creates the demand, craft the key areas of your landing page around it. For instance:

“Save 30% on phone bills when you use pragapp”

Everyone is interest in how to save money so this could be a good need focus.

  1. Illustrate – Relevant Images and Videos

If your visitors don’t understand how your products and services work then you on the train to losing them. An explanation is very crucial to the success of your landing page. Your explanation should be able to combine elements from your headline, your subheading and the images on your webpage. To make your illustration even more effective, make use of relevant images or explainer videos. Show, don’t tell is very effective in marketing products and services than relying on a list of bullets or text. People are more likely to click on play to watch a video than they will read a string of texts. So including a video in each landing page is a good way to get your visitors to know more about your content. A good explainer video should typically be about 2 minutes in length as people are more likely to watch a short video till the end.

  1. Establish Credibility with Customer Reviews

One critical ingredient of a good landing page is customer reviews. This helps your business establish some form of credibility. Visitors are more likely to make a buy decision if they see that other customers are benefiting from your product or services. 74% of consumers say that word of mouth is a major factor in their decision to buy a product or service. The best way to make this work is not to have in-site reviews, but to have captures of reviews done on third party review websites. Another idea is to tout the number of satisfied customers who have used your products or services.

“More than 300,000 customers are using pragapp to save on phone bills”


“More than 300,000 customers report a savings of 30% on phone bills when they use pragapp”

Highlighting the results and potential benefits of using your product or services can also help establish your credibility as a business.

  1. Clear Call to Actions

The call to action button is a very important ingredient in a landing page that converts. The call to action tells your visitors what to do after understanding the information you passed in your message. Having a wonderfully designed landing page with clean layout and beautiful design without a clear cut call to action is like having the ingredients necessary for a wonderful meal without the means to cook it. Some landing pages have their call to action button at the bottom of the page, but call to action buttons can actually be placed anywhere on the page. A good technique is to add a call to action button after an important section.

“Sign up for a demo”, “Get a quote”, “Get daily insights in your inbox”, “Talk to an expert”, “Contact us”, “Register here” and so on are typical examples of what a call to action button can say. And as you can see, while one of these examples might not cover every action you want a visitor to take, each of them used in different sections can cover any action you expect your visitors to take based on the information contained in the section.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, your landing page should be able to completely carry any information your visitors will find relevant to your product or service, you should be clear about the action you need them to take and you should make it easy for them to be able to take the required action. Once you can have this mix in your landing page, you will see an increase in the conversion rate of your WebPages.


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