7 Great Reasons to Use AngularJS

Generally as developers, you need a JavaScript framework that can solve simple problems fast, and build complex, large scale applications all in good time. Here are 7 great reasons to use AngularJS

Time Saver
AngularJS has become a highly indispensable open source framework used by developers the world over to save on time. We live in a world with so much to do in so little time. This shows the importance of using AngularJS in 2017.

Endorsed by Google
The name Google alone is enough to boost your confidence on this product by at least 90%. Misko Hevery, of Google, is the founding co-author of AngularJS. He attributes the uniqueness of Angular JS to “dependency injection, which is very unique. Nobody else has that. But I think that the thing that really hits it home for people is that we have this idea of a directive. Rather than writing everything inside of JavaScript and then having a bunch of templates to generate the UI, you write a lot of it in HTML and HTML drives the assembly of the application”.
Off-the-peg Benefits

A variety of tasks can quickly be solved using AngularJS because there are prepared solutions at your service which you can customize to the task at hand. This means that you do not have to waste precious time trying to code from scratch. The AngularJS framework also provides numerous options to create a single page user interface, offering a fluid experience.

Ease of Manipulation
Getting started with AngularJS is amazingly easy. Conduct smooth testing of the AngularJS with its module separation feature. Furthermore, all learning resources are organized systematically, aiding in a smooth operation. Another incredible feature of the AngularJS is the ability to easily migrate all existing applications.

Powerful Data Binding
This is possibly the greatest reason to use this framework. AngularJS provides synchronization between the model and the view. A change of data in the model instantly creates a change in the view and vice versa. This helps to keep both updated at all times, which otherwise would be a cumbersome process.

Improved Adaptability
The AngularJS framework supports performance of all types of unit tests which is a plus to software developers and testers. The framework comes with testability story, end-to-end testing, mocks and test harnesses. AngularJS furnishes you with uncomplicated template syntax, enabling the fast creation of UI views. As a matter of fact, AngularJS can be used to create a resource sharing service enabling distribution to different controllers.

Less Code
One of the biggest advantages of using AngularJS is that you can write less code and still get dynamic and functional pages. Features such as two-way data binding, ready-made templates, and dependency injection, make this possible.

We have covered my favourite seven reasons to use the AngularJS. These reasons are compelling enough to excite you into getting up and running with AngularJS, to achieve productive and quickly put together applications. I would recommend specnet.co.uk, for practical examples.
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