7 Tips for Entrepreneurs That Anik Singal Would Approve of

In this age and time, every business should have a website. Not only is it fashionable, it is extremely useful because it’s the one place your customers can find everything they need to know about you, your brand, and your services.

But many people start websites for their businesses without knowing what should and what shouldn’t be on their site. This leads to an inefficient business website that in a worst case scenario turns away potential customers instead of converting them. In a best case scenario, an ineffective website is just useless and gobbling up resources.

A modern day entrepreneur’s website should be able to showcase the reliability, quality, and professionalism of that entrepreneur’s business. As an entrepreneur, if you merge the following website tips with successful entrepreneur Anik Singals’s 5 tips to success, you draw many steps closer to succeeding in your dreams of becoming an independent business owner.

Call to action (CTA)

Call to action are simply buttons that read “CLICK HERE”, “SUBSCRIBE”, “REGISTER”, “ADD TO CART” or similar directions. Such buttons make it clear to a visitor what your site wants of them. Without clear and well placed call to action buttons, your visitors might roam and then leave your site without accomplishing anything.

So use CTA to shepherd your online visitors towards what you want of them.

What your site does

It doesn’t make sense to visit your business’ website and still need to visit other website’s to learn what’s necessary about you and your business.

Immediately a guest lands on your site, he/she should be able to discern what your site is about and what services you are offering. Concisely state your business and its products on your homepage.

Who you are

Knowing the people behind a business inspires trust in a customer and makes your website more relatable. Thus, provide a clear About Us page, preferably with pictures, that shows who the people behind your site are. Alongside this, your business’ contact information should be visible. If your business has a physical office, show it on Google Maps.

A reasonable Web address

Web addresses should never be complicated. They should be simple, and easy to remember.

It is also highly recommended your web address has a .com extension. This is become .com is more familiar to people and is thus more trustworthy than an extension like .xyz. Also because of .com’s familiarity, online users are prone to reflexively type it in.

An easy to navigate site

Make sure it’s easy for visitors to find what they need on your site. Navigating your site must not be a confusing or stressful chore, if not, visitors will leave your site for a less stressful option.

Testimonials and reviews


These should be available on your site so visitors will know your products and services are tested and trusted. A business website with no reviews or testimonials whatsoever raises a red flag and makes visitors suspicious of your business.

Quality, engaging and relevant content

Well written and organised content goes a long way in inspiring confidence in an online visitor.

If your content is well written and without errors, it points towards professionalism in your business. If your content is engaging and relevant, you are one step closer to converting your visitor into a buyer. But make sure your content is also concise and accurate.

Mobile friendly website

Since most online activity occurs via mobile devices now, you need to ensure your website is visible and accessible on mobiles. If not, a large portion of online users will never be able to access your site and you’d have lost a lot of potential clients.

Now it’s up to you to incorporate these features into your website and make the most out of the online potential of your business.

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