Boosting Website Traffic and Conversion with more Appealing Copy

Increase-website-traffic with great copy

It has been repeated over and over again that “content is king” and this truth has over the years remained unchanged. A website that seeks to achieve increased traffic, conversions, and a boost in SEO often simply needs to execute an effective content writing strategy.

On the other hand, if a website goes about updating its pages with new content the wrong way, the results can be quite disappointing. For instance, poorly crafted content can lead to a sharp increase in bounce rate, a significant drop in page ranking and website authourity, and overall jeopardise the website’s SEO.

To ensure nothing but the best results are had from web copy, you must ensure that copy is crafted to be of high quality, convincing, and engaging. In order to accomplish this, the following features must be predominant in your copy.

  1. Copy must share useful information and offer value to visitors

Copy that serves no purpose is simply pointless and no visitor wants anything to do with pointless copy. At the very least, copy should be entertaining if it has no useful information to offer.

Copy is often most effective and capable of converting visitors if it contains information that visitors can use to their benefit. To be able to create such copy, you need to first understand who your target audience is. If you don’t already know who your audience is, you can identify and understand them by carrying out a bit of research with the help of metrics. After identifying and understanding the sort of visitors that land on your website, you can create copy that best suits the interests of such visitors. For instance, by looking at the keywords that bring the most amount of traffic to your site, you can use this insight to craft copy for your audience which will clearly be interested in topics associated to that keyword.

  1. Copy should always be easy to read

Writing copy in Shakespearean English with the aim of sounding different will do you no favours if your visitors have no idea what you are saying. This is why it is important that sentences in your copy are couched in easy to understand language. Also, avoid unfamiliar words that a majority of your readers might have trouble grasping. To make copy super effective, couch it in a conversational tone that your readers will be able to easily relate with – like you are speaking with a friend.

Also, avoid making copy unnecessarily wordy by trimming off excess words and sticking with only what matters. Online readers are very impatient, thus, the sooner your copy gives them what they want, the better.


  1. Discuss your products in a honest and believable manner

Copy that oversells the benefits of a product or its features is likely to be less believed than the honest truth. So rather than describe a product has some miracle merchandise, simply point out the honest benefits of the product and show readers how said benefits can positively impact their lives.

Copy that exaggerates a product will likely come across as untrue and inspire feelings of distrust in a reader. But by disclosing the genuine value of a product, you can better win over readers and convert them.

  1. Use examples to elaborate on your points

To effectively get your point across with copy, it is important to make use of examples. By providing a familiar scenario which the reader can relate to, you can communicate more successfully.

  1. Make sure copy appeals to both old visitors and new ones

Rather than focus on gaining only new traffic, endeavour to also keep your loyal visitors satisfied by providing copy that is targeted at them as well. This will keep everyone equally engaged and happy. And remember that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush which means in a manner, your repeat visitors are more valuable than unpredictable new ones.

  1. Call to Actions (CTA)

Call to ActionWithout powerful CTAs, you might not be able to get your readers to perform the actions you require of them. Thus, ensure potent CTAs are in place to direct your visitors towards what you want of them.

  1. Keep visitors coming back for more

The only way to keep visitors checking on you regularly is to put out fresh content on a regular basis. This way, visitors have something to look forward to each time they visit your website.

That’s all for now but keep in mind that the more useful and applicable your copy is, the more value your visitors will attach to it.

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