Buy a London domain

Although it is true that .com remains the most popular domain extension people are familiar with, it is a market saturated for new businesses seeking to find an ideal domain name or where a current domain has become irrelevant. One of the creative ways to resolve the problem, is for business owners based in the iconic city of London to register for a London domain name.

If you are such a business owner, rejoice in the unique opportunity for your business to be associated with the excellent reputation of UK’s Capital City by acquiring a .London domain name. With this simple and short step, your business can achieve visibility to millions of local and international customers while gaining the trust and confidence in the integrity of your business.

The .London domain name is particularly valuable for companies delivering services  within the city of London, so a goggle search for a ”catering service in London” will  narrow down the search while increasing the chances of finding the name of your company in the first page of the search results.

A recent YouGov survey of small businesses in London found that more than one in four (equivalent to 218,140 companies) were likely to register for a .London web address. The same survey also found that almost half said they’d do so because they’re proud to be a London business, 41 per cent said a .London extension would help customers find them more easily, and 27 per cent said it would help generate more sales.

In a social media campaign called Dot London, High profile professionals including Storm Model Agency, Hexagon Classics, Dance Academy and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson aligned their profiles with the explosive international potential of the domain name.

If you are now convinced of the advantage of acquiring a London domain name, there are several domain retailers in the market with varying rates and contracts.




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