Corporate Identity

Branding and Corporate Identity

Whether you want to develop from scratch or invigorate your website, Specnet offers branding and corporate identity services to steer your website through the complete brand development cycle of self-discovery, distinction, advancement and communication.

Corporate Identity

Every business website needs a unique image and visual identity to stand out in its niche. Brand definition is a formative stage driven by knowledge gathered through insight. The goal of this phase is to infuse the fundamental building blocks of your brand identity into the website. With a unique visual identity and truly reformed messaging, your website will engage its users in a dynamic industry.


The creative effort of corporate identity development hinges on this foundation. From web branding and logo application, to distinctive visuals and content for a compelling story, we take on projects from different angles to arrive at a series of creative concepts. When a direction is chosen, the concepts are polished to meet your expectations. Brand implementation and website guidelines, foster brand stewardship and consistency in all future communications.

Looking for a professional web design and development company? Specnet’s expertise is formed from years of experience developing functional websites with engaging qualities. We’ll deliver according to your expectations and more.

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