The UK market has an 18% year on year growth, with up to £91 billion from online sales. Of that amount, 12% (£11 billion) comes from retail alone. Your business cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities available.

Specnet is an E-Commerce agency with years of experience helping brands establish E-Commerce strategies, planning and design, development, and marketing concepts. Whether your business is a B2B or B2C, we are an agency you can always trust.

E-Commerce Strategy and Planning

As a rule, our planning process begins with a client meeting. We listen to you overall business goals and plans for your business, and device methods to align your E-commerce strategies into the mix. An understanding of your current market position is essential, and the digital aspect needs to be integrated to the bigger picture. Like many brands, we’ve worked with; you can rely on us to deliver according to your expectations. You won’t be disappointed.


Our website designs are more than look and feel, although it will blow you away. We also try to encompass the bigger picture. How does design factor into your business objectives? Or what kind of answers do your customers seek? We work around all possible angles to provide a solution that is satisfactory.

Specnet puts its clients first. You are guaranteed of first-class communications for the duration of the project.

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