Great Gadgets for Web Designers in 2017

Web design trends keep changing. In fact, with each year comes new or modified practices and techniques that web designers must use to engage users and create websites that are relevant within the ever-changing internet space. It is for this purpose that there are a lot of web design tools that keep on evolving just as technology advances. The workflow of a web designer is never static, which is why gadgets are important. We bring to you some of the major gadgets every web designer should possess in order to get by this year.

The Good Old Paper and Pen

Now, I’m guessing that you expected to see a more sophisticated piece of gadget as the first to be mentioned. The truth is that you should not underestimate the importance of a good notepad and pen or pencil (depending on preference), to a web designer. Why? Because as basic as it might sound, a lot of good ideas begin here. A web designer is usually a busy person, and a handy notebook is always helpful when it comes to documenting design processes.

In addition, a design trend that seems to have caught on this year is the incorporation of hand-drawn graphics. The basic idea behind this trend is that it brings some level of authenticity and uniqueness that consumers tend to appreciate. Keeping up with this trend means that you need to do your sketches somewhere, anyway. A portable notebook in the right size, with good quality paper is essential. You should also check that it has a good cover to withstand wear and tear, and that it is ink friendly.

Tablets and Pen

Getting the graphics and general design right is an integral part of the web designer’s work. This means that after putting together a design on paper, it must be digitally executed. This year, bold fonts and bright colours are in. In order to conveniently create trendy effects and designs on the go, web designers need the right graphic tablet. Digital pens are also important. Working with a mouse can be a bit challenging and time consuming for a web designer.

With these pens, such as the ones available in the Wacom Intuous series for example, work is done faster and more conveniently. This is because you are allowed a greater level of versatility while working: you can easily change tools and experiment with effects as you work across the surface of the tablet. In addition, these gadgets allow you store your work in digital format, and with app integration, you are able to directly store in the cloud with services such as Dropbox.


Although work can be done on a tablet, nothing beats the feeling of settling down behind your computer to completely develop and execute the digitized idea. This is a critical part of a web designer’s work, and only the right computer can make it happen. Choosing the right gadget is simple as it is complicated. You only have to focus on getting the computer that possesses the relevant features. This means that you should find a device that focuses on creative and graphic design. Portability and power are also important considerations. On the other hand, there are a number of options to choose from MacBook and Windows that it gets confusing sometimes, when trying to choose.


One major thing that graphic designers should not compromise on is the quality of monitors that accompany their machines. This could be the difference between a superb design and a poorly executed one. The reason is simple: The visual appearance of any design is very important (from the appearance of colours to graphics). Since a great display is needed to make a design appear the way it was intended to look, a good monitor to match your designs is important. Beyond the display, there are other features to look out for which include number of ports available and connectivity.

Tools for Storage and Wireless Connection

You cannot afford to lose your work, which is why a storage solution is important. While the cloud provides a good alternative to back up data while working, the unpredictability with those services that web designers are subject to means that it is a very good idea to have another data storage option that you have greater control over. As such, as your data is synchronized with different cloud services, you also want to invest in a network attached storage or NAS device for better data management.

In all of this, internet connection is important. A wireless router that can guarantee fast and secure wireless connection is a gadget that every web user needs, never mind a web designer. Speed and uninterrupted connection is a prerequisite to work efficiently, and with the right device, you can achieve more. This list from Gadget Review contains some of the best routers on the market today, classified according to specific needs.

Relaxation Gadgets

We all love to unwind after a hard day’s work. For many, relaxation is as simple as turning on the TV or firing up Netflix. For others, it is to spend time on a gaming console. If your ideal mode of relaxation is through gaming, your new wireless router should be able to power your online sessions. Routers powerful enough to power live streaming are not always the best fit for online gaming though.

As a web designer, you need the perfect set of tools to ensure a seamless work/life experience. How many of these gadgets do you have now?

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