Learn to use the Psychology of Productivity

Being productive is not all about having tons of apps and tools to manage your life; these can in fact lead to more problems. You tend to believe that the presence of productivity tools will help you become more efficient and transfer every responsibility to the apps. But the problem most times is not the tools, but you.

There is always a message to reply, an update to check out, meetings to attend, or tasks needed to be done. There is always something to do, and little time to get it done. You return home every day feeling you’ve not accomplished much. You allow this feeling to build up till it leads to frustration. The problem is not your workload, friends and families, or tools you have installed in your devices, the problem is how you react to them all.

The answer lies in your own mind, how you see yourself, plan and implement most tasks. The psychology of productivity involves influencing your environment with your mind, exercising internal control over events at your workplace and working smarter rather than faster. We’ll show you some ways by which you can become more productive by influencing your state of mind.

Do less, not more
How many tasks have you scheduled for the day? When was the last time you ever ticked off every item on your to-do list at the end of a day? Most people find joy in creating tight schedules daily knowing that they will never be able to complete all. This behavior tends to affect the brain and create a feeling of being underproductive. You have to recognize that most of what you put in your list cannot be attained in a day, strike them off! The Pareto Principle is valid in this regard: only 20 percent of your list content is actually needed to be done to achieve maximal productivity. By reducing your workload, you are personally satisfied at the end of the day when you accomplish everything and you tend to have more positive energy to start the next day.

Do what you love first, immerse yourself in the rest

This is one of the best ways to stay productive at work. When you have a lot of task at hand, arrange them in such a way that you start with tasks you love, then tasks you are comfortable doing, and end with tasks you are mandated to do. The trick here is to have an overdose of positive energy that will drive you to the end of your list. When you start your day with tasks you love, you feel an inner burst of strength that propels you throughout the day. The remaining tasks become easier and you are encouraged to finish everything up.

Avoid getting out of your Workflow

Once you start a task, avoid all distractions till you complete it. Getting away from work to check emails, messages or news updates breaks your focus and makes you lose concentration. It might be difficult to get your thought process back once it is lost. Stay away from all distraction while working, even if it means closing your office door or switching off your mobile phone. On the flip side, taking a break every two hours can refresh your brain and prepare you for another phase of work.

Productivity can be achieved with constant practice. Resolve to use these 3 tips over the next few weeks and you will be on your way to becoming a highly productive person!

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