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It is evident from the look of current web designs that web designers are breaking barriers and becoming more and more creative. But what web designers are presently able to achieve isn’t solely due to their innate skills – They’ve had help from a wide range of tools and applications.

An example is expert web designers, Infintech Designs who make use of a wide array of software tools to help build the wonderful looking and highly functional websites we see on the internet today. To give you a peek into a web designer’s toolbox, here are some of the tools designers currently use to accomplish their online marvels;

  1. Avocode: With Avocode, frontend developers suddenly find it really easy coding websites and apps from Photoshop designs. Using Avocode provides designers with a seamless design to code workflow.

It also allows for real-time design teamwork by allowing you invite team members and permit them to work on certain aspects of a design. There’s also a cloud-based version control feature that lets you store designs and organise them according to projects in a location accessible to other team members.

  1. Affinity Designer: This well-designed tool functions as a dedicated graphic and web design tool, and is quickly becoming Creative Suite’s replacement. It offers a modern and smart user interface with all the necessary tools visible and easily accessible, such as its artboards, pen and node tools to name a few. It’s also fast, lovely to look at, highly customisable, user friendly, and let’s not forget its wonderful feature of 1,000,000 percent zoom.
  2. Form by RelativeWave: Form facilitates developing and creating of prototypes right on your device. Prototypes are samples of your design that are released for reasons such as testing, and Form makes accomplishing this really easy.

Web designers can create prototypes with this tool and run them faster than other tools. Its Viewer App feature also lets users share their designs on its inbuilt app to platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

  1. UXPin: UX means user experience and UX designs make it easy to develop or design responsive sites that are easy to use, and access. UXPin is the platform UX designs work on.

UXPin is a design tool that offers loads of useful designing solutions. It’s a versatile wireframing and prototyping tool that makes creating high-fidelity prototypes with interactions smart and easy.

Another feature available is the many patterns and UI elements available for Android, iPhone, or desktop. You can also find on this tool a Mock up Pixel Perfect Design that lets you add creativity to your work, link sharing that provides you fast feedback from clients, and amazing animations available

  1. Pixate: This application turns your ideas and thoughts into actual designs on your device by providing you a platform to create aesthetically pleasing designs with little effort.

Pixate is a prototype platform for you to test your designs on and view or share them with members of your team.

  1. Pattern Lab: This elegant design tool is based around the concept of Atomic Design which advises breaking down a web design into its smallest parts to combine them into larger reusable components which will be turned into functional templates.

The features of this tool enables you to overlap UI patterns and create a design by using dynamic data. The tool is also flexible and can be used as either a simple style guide, a laboratory, or a pattern library for building content focused websites with complex structured widgets.

Other notable mentions are Sketch which converts designs into CSS among other functions, and Macaw which allows you create designs without having to do a single bit of coding. There’s also Marvel that turns sketches and images into interactive prototypes.


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