Strategies for Getting and Securing the Right Domain Name for Your Brand

Finding a domain name that is available, relevant, valuable and just right for your business is vital to your success online. However, it can be difficult to find.

Domain names are usually referred to as online real estate because while there are those that are valuable and highly sought after, there are those that are easily available but nobody wants them. It’s a very competitive market and some companies pay thousands of dollars just to get a particular domain name from another owner.

This is why registering the right domain requires a strategy. Following are some tips that will help you get this critical process right.   

 Short and Simple

The shorter your domain name, the easier it will be for your customers and clients to remember and spell it correctly. While this is quite obvious, it’s quite challenging to find a short name that is still available.

In fact, one can say that the shorter the name, the more likely that it’s unavailable, especially if it’s a dot com domain name.

Getting a short name that fits your brand will certainly require some creativity and thinking but it will pay off massively.

Get a Domain name that Fits Your Business

Hundreds of new domain extensions that are interests-, location-, or industry-specific are becoming available every day and more are on the way.

While it may be very challenging getting a .com domain name that fits your business, you can easily find the right domain name for your business on these new extensions.

Extensions such as .nyc, .photography, and .guru are great because it tells your customers what to expect before they even visit your website, bringing in visitors that are more likely to convert.

Register Relevant Extensions

The part of the domain name that follows the “dot”, is known as domain extension. It’s also referred to as top-level domain (TLD). The most popular extensions online are “com”,”net”, “biz”, and”org”, however, there are other extensions.

Domain extensions don’t jut allow you to be found online, they may also describe your industry, give you recognition or give you regional or country recognition.

It’s a good practice to buy other relevant extensions of your domain name.

Let’s say you register as your domain name. If you did not register the .net and .biz version and your website becomes successful, your competitor can register any of those versions and redirect your customers going to any of those versions erroneously to their website.  Can you afford to lose your customers to your competition?

Just think of your domain name as your home and the other relevant extensions as the field around your home. Certainly, making a small investment to buy the land around your home is a smart move.

Grab Misspelled Version Too

If you have a domain name that is prone to being misspelled, you may want to invest in buying some of those misspelled versions.  

Even relatively simple words get misspelled. If you don’t know of any misspelled version of your domain name, you can use a typo generator to find popular misspelled versions.


Correct Spelling –

Misspelled Version –

If the correct version becomes very successful, a rogue competitor may decide to register the misspelled version and redirect the traffic to his/her website.

Registering the misspelled version and redirecting the visitors to your actual website will prevent you from losing any customer to your competitors.

Try Geo-Domains

Geo-domains include the location of your business and a keyword that describes what you do or what your business is about, for example,

Most businesses only serve a small location and using a geo-domain is a great idea for such businesses.

This idea helps you combine two things that customers often search on search engines when looking for your service.

Locations you can target include state, city, town, county, neighborhood.

Important Keywords include your product, specialty, niche, business industry, and service.

Check Registered Domain or Aftermarket Domain Name

If you finally thought of a creative domain name you were itching to register only to find out that it is unavailable, there may still be hope.

Already registered domains are bought and sold every day – just like real estate – and there are domain auction sites that can help.

Of course, it will cost you more compared to just registering an available domain name but it may be worth the investment for your business. Look into this service and see if your desired domain name is up for auction or sale at a reasonable price.

These few tips will help you get the right domain for your business and protect your brand.

On a final note, make sure to host your domain with a top level and experienced host company that complements the quality level and reach you have envisioned for your online business or presence. With trusted industry names such as or Bluehost, you are guaranteed of speed, modern and responsive web tools, and continuous good technical support for your site.

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