The absolute best 5 tools to aid productivity

You are tired of doing more and achieving little every day. You need a way to organize your life and be more productive – make more money, hit your set goal, meet that sales target – but you can’t figure a way out of these annoying mails and popping out messages on your chat apps: we have found the right tools for you to get things done. If you’ve ever wondered if there can be just five tools that can change your life forever, your search ends here.

We have scouted the web for the best of the best tools, gone through hundreds of lists and opinions, we spoke with industry experts and tailored our search in a way that by the time you utilize these tools maximally, you will be a highly effective person, just like Stephen Covey. Here are the best 5 tools to make you a highly productive person.

Evernote is an excellent productivity tool that helps you with your business and personal notes, images, videos, documents among others. It stores and categorizes each document based on file types, date created, tags or whatever sorting criteria you define. It is available across the web and all mobile devices and always in sync. When you are in a hurry and need to scan a document, Evernote not only does a perfect scan but also recognizes the text in the document and makes them searchable. It is one of the best productivity tools you can get out there.

This will bring out the project manager in you. Are you tired of constantly using your instant messaging app to communicate with your teammates and superiors? Slack will help you keep your IM private and your business efficient. You don’t need to constantly check and reply emails or download images and reports from attachments. This tool lets you create and join projects. It lets you organize members into teams and communicate with each seamlessly!

IFTTT stands for “If this, then that,” it is one of the best automation tools you can lay your hands on Android devices. Workflow is the sister tool on Apple devices. You don’t need to be a computer geek to be adept at using these tools. They allow you to create communications between apps and automate user actions. You can also create series of actions, for example: when it is 9 a.m., send an email to someone, and download a specific document from a website among others. You have no limits with these apps. You can decide to create ”actions” for every day to day process you perform online.

This tool creates strong different passwords for your accounts and saves them in its own database secured by one master password. It generates a unique password for you whenever you need to create a new account. It is available across all platforms and constantly monitors your browser for forms to fill. You don’t have to remember every password as they are saved securely in your devices.

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